Fastest Growing Industries in 2020

Are you looking to kick start your marketing career in a high growth sector? Maybe you’re seeking a job in a faster paced industry? This article looks at the sectors making headlines in 2020 and considerations for marketers moving into these growth industries.


The UK financial technology sector (Fintech) is flourishing. According to The London Stock Exchange, Fintech companies are anticipating 88% growth between 2018 and 2021. The industry generates £6.6bn per year and 105,500 people are expected to work in the sector by 2030 offering a promising sector to move into from an employment perspective. In a report published by The Department for International Trade, digital tech companies in London are the most connected in Europe, second only to Silicon Valley for international contacts. So, what does this mean for marketers considering a job in the Fintech sector? According to a report by Selligent, consumers are looking for increased personalisation of communications from financial brands. Marketers should ensure they are up to speed with the latest technology that allows tailored and customised communications that add value to the target audience. We expect additional skillsets sought by Fintech employers to include video marketing and voice activated search.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR / AR)

VR and AR shouldn’t be considered an area of technology only for the video game industry. Increasingly the technology is being applied to other industries such as property and construction, healthcare, automotive, education and retail. According to a report published by PWC, to successfully market AR products and services, marketing and sales professionals should consider building a community of early adopters and influencers into their marketing strategy.


It’s a positive start to 2020 for the construction industry with Glenigan forecasting new projects starts to rise this year and in 2021. Several years ago, the construction industry was considered to be behind the times in adopting the latest marketing trends, namely digital marketing. More recently the industry has begun to adopt new technology, not only within marketing but also in the planning and build stages. The new technology which includes virtual reality, artificial intelligence, drones and 3D printing make for some exciting content for marketers to incorporate into their marketing and communications strategy.

Later Living / Senior Living Market

Following on from construction is the growth of the later living or senior living market. According to Sean Bradley, MD at Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure, people’s expectations of retirement are changing for the better. With the population living further into their later years, this represents a huge opportunity. Marketers will need to think carefully about how to market to this generation and consider the marketing channels that will appeal to the older audience. According to a report by Ofcom, older adults are taking to smartphones and tablets in record numbers and half of internet users aged 65-74 have a social media profile. Marketers may want to factor in digital marketing campaigns alongside more traditional marketing and communications channels to reach the target audience in their preferred way to boost engagement.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

According to research by the advertising think-tank Credos and Enders Analysis, the UK now boasts the biggest digital advertising market in Europe. That’s promising for a marketer who has decided to specialise in digital marketing, and its not just the big businesses spending money on marketing. Small businesses have increased their spend in this area too as they see the value and ROI in promoting products or services to a digital audience. Now more than ever, marketers should be looking to ensure that their digital marketing skill set is up to date to be attractive to employers big and small. There are plenty of online courses covering topics such as SEO, PPC, display, social media and paid social that will help you gain the best marketing jobs in London and beyond.

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